We understand that life happens and that is why we do not wait for you to come to us but we come to you instead. This is why we have made it easy to access your logbook loans right from the comfort of your home. We actually come to you.

Need an emergency loan? No problem weve got you covered

Our affordable APR rates make us the most sought after company for logbook loans in London. With us, you are assured that you will get an all purpose loan to meet your emergency.

Bad credit history or self employed?

We believe in giving our clients a second chance to make right their financial mistakes. All you need is a car that is registered in your name and leaves the rest to us. We do not discriminate against a history of bad credit or self employed persons. We work with you to ensure that your image is redeemed.

The benefits of taking a log book loan with us


The APR Rate

Our APR rate is extremely affordable and it is the lowest compared to other logbook loan providers in the market. If you do not believe it find out for yourself and you will be amazed at just how low our rate is.


Pay Back plan

We have an extremely flexible pay back plan that extends to about 78 months. With us, you are sure that you will not be strained financially while repaying back your loans.


With us, unlike other logbook loan providers, offer discounts from time to time. We believe in rewarding our customers and also consider a lower interest rate should you repay your loan earlier than agreed.

Maximum loan

logbookloanpeople.com ensures that you qualify for up to 50% of your vehicles worth. There are othe factors considered as well and you can end up qualifying for even 70%

We come to you.

You do not have to come to us, we come to you. Our representatives are ready to meet with you within an hour to help you secure fast cash for your immediate need. Talking with us will guarantee that you have the cash you urgently require in just minutes.

All purpose kind of loan.

While some financial institutions may limit the use of your loan, with us you can rest assured that we do not limit you.

More than just loan lenders.

We are not only loan providers, but offer financial advice as well. We strongly believe in going the extra mile to help our client succeed. Our highly qualified and friendly staffs are on call to help n professional consultation regarding financial matters.

We tell it like it is.

With us you can be assured that we tell you like it is. We do not have hidden fees or extra charges. Our reputation as being the leading logbook loan provider in London precedes us and we uphold integrity to our clients.

What do our client says

Being a beneficiary of Logbookloanpeople.com, I am glad that they came to my aid when I needed them most. It is good to know that you have a financial partner who is willing to see you succeed
- Jane Maya

It is not a lie when Logbookloanpeople.com asserts that they have low APR rates. I was skeptical until I researched for myself and found out that they offer APR rates that are 40% lower than the other logbook loan lenders in the market
- Jessica Coleman


I had a bad credit history for over ten years and no financial institution could accept me. I was glad when Logbookloanpeople.com took me in and helped redeem my credit status.
- Derrick Yeats

When one is caught up in an emergency with no one to turn to for financial help, there life can be nothing short of a nightmare. I was glad that Logbookloanpeople.com came to my aid and enabled me to have a peace of mind over my emergency
- Dina Gutenberg

About Us

We believe in making the process of acquiring loans simple and expeditious. That is why we established a system whereby our representatives meet you at the convenience of your home and offers you the check after the application process is complete.

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